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7 Little Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference With Your munchkin bottle holder


for baby bottle drying rack

There might be something that is not quite common to realize, that is cleaning the baby bottle drying rack. Remember that this is the palce where you put your baby's cups, sippy cups, bottels, pouches to dry. With frequent use, it might let mold to build up, foot bits, and other nasty stuff. Though it looks clean from the outside, it might be really dirty on the inside. Here are some simple tips you can do to make sure that it stays clean all the time.

Or, if you wash it by hand, make sure that you do it often enough so it won't be too disgusting to clean. Drying rack is indeed tend to be forgotten to clean, but it will feel so much better once you know the rack is clean.

One important thing to keep in mind is that you need to make sure to wash your hands before hadling the baby's cups. Keep your phone out of the kithcen as well during the meal preparation and clean up as the surface of the phone likely has lots of germs that can transfer to the cups. It is not a 100% insurance to keep your child happy, and can not totally protect the germ from the daycare or playdate to get in, this is a least a simple process you can do to take safety measure.

Also, make sure that you wash the baby bottles right after use since it might develop caking milk on the bottle and creating a fould smell which could be difficult to get rid of. It is most likely to happen in plastic baby bottles. In glass baby bottles, stinky smell can be easily removed than the plastic ones.

With all the cleaning tools that is available, you always need a good drying rack for the baby bottles. Look for the ones that is made of safe material, and its portability so you can bring it easier when you're going on a vacation with your family.

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