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Find Out Where to Put Kitchen Storage Rack


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Now that you have bought a kitchen storage rack, you may wonder where to put it in your kitchen for the best way. There is no doubt that storage rack can be a good solution for presenting more storage in your kitchen. However, you should know the best place to install it for the better.

Installing Storage Rack in the Kitchen

Nowadays, there are actually many ideas to apply when it comes to storage solution. If your choice goes to a rack, you will have a bunch of options as well. It usually comes in different styles, sizes, and forms. When it is entirely reliant to your taste, there is actually another thing to consider: where to install the storage rack.

Best Ideas to Install Storage Rack in Your Kitchen

If you do not have any idea about where to install your storage rack, you do not need to be panicked. Luckily, there are several ways that you can do to get the most of a storage rack in the kitchen. You can even combine it with the idea of under counter shelving. Check this following information for the inspirations.

Install it above the counter

One of the best ways to install a storage rack is placed as a floating rack above the counter. For you who do not have a set of cabinet installed above the counter, you can install more than one rack as a storage solution. You can even utilize this idea with a small wall space above the counter.

Hang it above the sink

A plate rack is a good storage solution for you in the kitchen. Hanging one above your sink can help you to access the plates easily once you need them. More interestingly, you can show off your collection of plates as a part of your kitchen decoration. In addition to a plate rack, you can get a pot rack too.

Store above the windows

Instead of employing under cabinet wire baskets, it will be better for you to maximize your kitchen storage system by utilizing the space above the windows. If you opt for storage rack and you have windows above your backsplash, this idea is surely perfect for you. It will increase display for bowls, plates, and even art.

Add it inside the cabinets

A storage rack or shelf is not only great for being installed around the kitchen. It can be a good solution for your unorganized cabinets too. If you are simply storing everything in your cabinets, now try to make it more controlled by adding a rack or shelf inside the cabinet. It will give you more space to save things.

Other Storage Ideas for Your Kitchen

If you want to have more than just a rack, there are actually other storage solutions that you can have in your kitchen. For instance, you can simply install some hooks above your backsplash and use it to hang cups, cutting board or even towels. Then, you can also have under counter wire baskets in the kitchen.

As a means to get additional storage and maximizing the space in your kitchen, you can use the under cabinet shelf from COMFECTO. It is an organization that requires no tools to install. For more information, you can go to counter shelving

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