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Step by Step to Use a Tongue Scraper


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You have had a tongue cleaner in your hand, but you end up feeling confused on how to use it properly. For those who have not scraped their tongue before, it is common to feel anxious that they may use it improperly. In this article, we will tell you how to scrap your tongue to ensure a healthy mouth.

How to Scrap Your Tongue with Scraper

Most people have known that brushing teeth twice a day is a must to maintain healthy teeth and prevent cavities. Nevertheless, many people forget that tongue cleaning is also another important part of their oral health habits. In fact, there are several benefits that we can get from scraping tongue regularly. Then, how can you perform this habit?

Step-by-Step to Scrap Your Tongue

Tongue scraping is usually done with a scraper which is specially designed to clean tongue. There are a wide variety of scrapers available in the market. You should choose the one that fits your need. In this point, consider your tongue’s size, comfort, and efficiency. Once you got the one, here are the steps to use it.

Step 1: Open Your Mouth

First of all, you need to open your mouth. You should not open your mouth too wide that it results in discomfort. It is better for you to open your mouth as broad as is convenient for you. By doing so, your tongue can be accessed more easily. Then, it can reduce the difficulty of scraping. Thus, don’t strain yourself.

Step 2: Stick out Your Tongue

Second, you have to stick out your tongue. The objective here is to contentedly improve the access of tongue scraper to your tongue. Thus, you need to stick the tongue outside your mouth as distant as you are capable of. However, you should avoid pointing the tongue since it can decrease the surface part and make cleaning less efficient.

Step 3: Take the Scraper

Next, it is the time to pick up your scraper. Hold the handle of your scraper and then put it on the rearmost area of your tongue. How far to situate the scraper is totally based on your comfort. If you feel a gagging or a tickle sensation, it means that you put it in too far.

Step 4: Start Scraping

Now is the time to perform tongue cleaning with the scraper! Put firm pressure to your tongue scraper and then pull it from back of the tongue to the front in a slow, smooth movement. The coarse edge of the tool will rub against your tongue surface and get away residue or coating. Remember to never move the tool backward.

Step 5: Rinse the Scraper

The last, it is recommended for you to rinse your scraper as well as your mouth after every stroke. You can consider dipping the scraper into a cup filled with mouthwash as well. Once you finish scraping your tongue, you should remember to clean it as well to remove saliva or debris before you store your best tongue scraper.

If you’re looking for the best tongue scraper, we suggest you to get the one from Gusto Tongue Scraper. They are made of safe material and designed to clean your tongue efficiently.

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